Premier Services

Zenith Futures offers several types of trading accounts at competitive and discounted commission rates. We take pride in our expert handling of a wide variety of client needs.

For instance, you can choose from any of the following account types or mold our system to meet your needs - and we'll help you do it.

Self Directed Trader

Self-Directed Accounts

For investors preferring to trade their own account with no broker assistance

Powerful and easy to use Online Trading Platform offers the most professional and reliable direct trading system allowing you to have control of your portfolio directly from your own PC on your own schedule. Try a free futures trading demo today!

Direct connection to GLOBEX2 allows for lightning-quick trade execution and confirmations on all E-mini stock index futures traded at the CME

Real-time risk management and ease of operation for the individual investor

Dedicated customer service desk

Direct floor access for certain commodities

Competitive discount rates: One of the most competitive in the business.

Exchange minimum margins

Full Service Broker Assisted Accounts

Assistance from a knowledgeable, experienced broker

Flexibility of trading on your own through the Electronic Trading Platform or having your broker place trades for you

Access to brokers' strategies and trading systems

Competitive rates

Flash fills in certain markets during normal market conditions


A Zenith Futures broker assisted account gives you access to a market professional with extensive trading and account service experience. Broker assisted accounts are especially appropriate if you don't have the time to follow the markets as closely as you would like, are new to futures trading, or simply want professional guidance in your trading decisions.

Access to Experienced Market Professionals

Zenith brokers have extensive trading experience and market knowledge. That experience is especially important during volatile markets.

Exposure to Trading Systems and Strategies

Brokers have access to a number of trading systems that they monitor and can recommend for customers. Some of these systems are available exclusively to Zenith Futures brokers and customers. Many Zenith brokers also have their own trading strategies that they've tested through various market conditions.

Trading Guidance

Zenith brokers are a valuable resource for customers who want knowledgeable feedback on their own trading or risk management strategies.

Trade Your Strategy

Broker assisted accounts can be a solution if you have a trading strategy that you want to employ, but don't have the time to follow the markets throughout the day.


With a broker assisted account you have the option of trading on your own through the Electronic Trading Platform, or having your broker place trades for you.

Competitive Rates

Zenith offers competitive commission rates for all accounts, whether self-directed or broker assisted. To open an account, call Zenith Futures at 1-949-424-2399 (U.S.A. & International) or Open an Account online in five minutes or less.