Why Trade With Zenith?

Excellent Service

Our goal at Zenith is to provide our clients with the best and most reliable service.

We believe in personalized attention to clients no matter the size of their account.


Enhanced Quotes

Our Trading Platform supports real-time quotes for all Globex contracts, single stock futures, mini-Dow, and Merchants Exchange contracts.

Quick trade windows show depth of market for all GLOBEX e-mini contracts, single stock futures, and Merchants Exchange contracts. Real-time price ladder highlights the last price making it easy to place limit and stop orders.

Real-time Charting

Streaming real-time charts are now available for electronic markets



Multiple exchange connections give enhanced redundancy.

Account Status

Continually updated Account Status with streaming real-time P/L.

24 Hour Trading Team

Given that many of the futures markets are open virtually 24 hours a day, you'll comfort in knowing that you will never be left out. Our professional trading team is available 24 hours a day, every trading day, to provide you with professional and courteous service.

One Click Trading

Quick-Click Trading gives you the option of entering your orders at the click of a mouse.

Quality Trade Executions and Fills

Zenith prides itself on the quality and timeliness of its trade execution. As a client, you will enjoy the ability to place your orders quickly on-line over the Internet. Active and professional traders also benefit from the ability to place orders electronically through our revolutionary on-line order entry system.

Low Commission Rates

Our rates are among the lowest in the business. We try our best to meet or beat the lowest rates while providing unparalleled service. If you are currently trading with another firm or broker, give us an opportunity to evaluate and reduce your commission.

Trading Platforms for Online Traders

We offer one of the best trading platforms available. Our platforms are not only user friendly, but also one of the best technology has to offer.

All Traders Welcome!

We welcome all self-directed traders to open a deep discount trading account. Whether you trade 1 or 1000 contracts, we welcome you to Zenith Futures and value your business. You may choose to open an Individual, Joint, Corporate, Partnership, Foreign, Trust, or Hedge account.